How Does the Ketogenic Diet Affect Your Metabolism?

Dr. Eric Westman explains the impact that low carbohydrate diets have on the human metabolism. This video is part of a debate featuring Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of “The New Atkins For A New You.” Dr. Westman practices and teaches… Continue Reading →

Almond Biscuits Recipe for the Ketogenic Diet

These buttery treats serve as a building block for a few classic breakfast dishes, such as Biscuits & Gravy and Eggs Benedict. At a modest 2.2g of Net Carbs per serving, enjoying the familiar flavors of these traditional dishes comes… Continue Reading →

Easy Guide to the Vegan Ketogenic Diet

Veganism is a growing ideology based on the premise that all sentient beings should be respected, and that the consumption of animal products of any kind is an unethical practice that breaches this premise. Advertisements With the indefensible atrocities committed… Continue Reading →

Best Low Carb Chocolate for the Ketogenic Diet

I know what you’re thinking. Low carb chocolate seems too good to be true. Depending on your palate’s threshold for exotic indulgences, perhaps it is. Low carb chocolate isn’t a miraculous concoction utilizing a chemically engineered mystery ingredient that ignites… Continue Reading →

Five Essential Tools for Losing Weight on the Ketogenic Diet

Advertisements You don’t have to punish yourself in order to meet your goals. You don’t have to starve yourself or exhaust every fiber of your being at the gym. Sure, plenty of people enjoy success living this way, and those… Continue Reading →

Low Carb Fruits for the Ketogenic Diet

The top three “fruits” on this list hardly exemplify the prototypical image of fruits in our minds, and it should come as no surprise. Fruits are typically banished from everyone’s keto diet shopping list, and for good reason. They simply pack… Continue Reading →

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