Is Thomas Delauer’s “Adaptive Body Boost” worth it?

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He has firmly established himself as leading authority on the ketogenic diet.

Thomas DeLauer is a popular YouTube Creator and nutrition coach. He has gained over 2 million subscribers on his channel. He provides custom ketogenic diet training, life coaching and regularly posts fitness and nutrition content.

As an author of two books that has been featured on numerous nutrition podcasts, DeLauer has firmly established himself as leading authority on the ketogenic diet.

Does his success translate to his program, “Adaptive Body Boost“?

In short, yes. The reason? Value for money.

For only $19, you receive a digital diet plan that consolidates his expertise in a way that’s easy for anyone to follow. Efforts to lose weight often fall short due to lacking a clear roadmap and sense of direction.

Personally, I value time above all else. Searching across the web for bits of information to piece together and create a plan for myself could take several hours, and it might not even work.

The content follows DeLauer’s signature style of making claims based on scientific evidence, while providing specifics on what foods to buy and how to prepare meals.

Rating: Recommended

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